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Top Reasons Why You Need a Bigger Commercial Walk-In Freezer

Investing in a walk-in cooler is a big deal for a commercial facility. No doubt it allows the staff to manage the perishable items better, but its benefits serve beyond just that. It is a safe place to store refrigerated goods before and after preparation. Usually, these units are more significant than the standard ones at home or other small restaurants. You can walk in the freezer and get stuff out by yourself. 

Now that you require more food to store buying a giant freezer seems more feasible. You can start by calling the walk-in freezers & coolers experts in West Palm Beach, Florida. The techs will guide you on many other signs that indicate the requirement of a giant walk-in freezer. Besides, their commercial walk-in freezer service will help enhance your business productivity. 

So, what exactly is it that triggers the need for a commercial walk-in freezer in Palm Beach County, Florida? Let’s explore!

It Is Difficult to Look at the Numbers of the Stock.

Once the items pile up, every commercial freezer owner seeks the right replacement. The professionals claim that the stock count changes when you shift the items in and out. Eventually, it takes regular maintenance to get things on track. And as you look for the past years, you get a better idea of how big a freezer you need. 

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Your Stock Begins to Suffer from Freezer Burn.

Due to the overcrowded unit, the parts of packages stored in it have exposure to air. It results in freezer burn and raises the need for fast repair service experts. Many qualified technicians suggest having a bigger unit to stock more food, preventing the food from being damaged. It is also the best way to stop the way food initially tastes. 

You Begin to See Physical Signs of Condensation.

Condensation is a scenario wherein the water vapors liquefy. So, when you see such signs in the freezer, know that it is because of the temperature increase. A certified & trusted company in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, will tell you it happened due to overcrowding. And thus, you need high-quality installation services for a larger unit. 

You or Your Staff Is Unable to Walk In the Unit.

Before calling for 24/7 emergency services, check why you cannot walk in the freezer. Chances are, the stock is more than the unit can store. Thus, it is better to call for a replacement directly. Look for the top freezer brands at competitive rates, so you can extend your reach and fully enter the freezer. 

Final Words

It might appear a considerable investment, but trust us, it’s all worth it. So, if these all are the factors that bother your food business, buy a bigger walk-in freezer today. Getting commercial refrigeration service in Broward County, Florida goes without saying for the same-day response. 

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Tips To Getting Rid of Odor in Your Commercial Refrigerator

It is common for commercial freezers to acquire an unpleasant odor, especially if liquid items such as milk or leftover food are stored in them.  

The odor in the commercial display refrigerators is caused due to the build-up of bacteria and mold on organic products or food. 

Although the manufactures of walk-in coolers for sale try to minimize the odor in the unit, you can also ensure routine maintenance to avoid the same. Click here to read some of the pros tips!

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What Is The Root Of The Issue?

As per service experts, the odor is trapped inside the flooring and wall of the unit. With time the bacteria multiply, making the smell unpleasant.

If you face the situation mentioned earlier, the only solution is to clean the unit to eliminate the odor source. 

How To Clean Your Commercial Refrigerator?

Before you start cleaning this crucial equipment for the restaurant, empty all its contents. Then remove all the compartments and racks. 

You must throw expired or spoiled products. You can prepare a high-quality cleaner from household products such as vinegar, baking soda, or dishwashing detergent. 

  • You can create the best and effective refrigerator cleaner by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of white vinegar. 

Spray the mixture on the inside surface of the unit and wipe it immediately. It will help in eliminating the odor from the refrigerator.

  • If white vinegar and baking soda are unavailable, the right replacement of the solution is one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to chlorine bleach. 

Spray the solution on the surface, wait for it to dry, and then wipe it out. It will eliminate the bacteria and associated odor. 

  • Another effective commercial refrigerator cleaner is considered warm soapy water. Stay away from abrasive chemicals; they will wreak the unit’s construction over time.
  • You can also wet the refrigerator unit’s interior with a 5% bleach solution and clean it with water and soap shortly after.

Do not leave the bleach solution for too long on the interiors as it will lead to the metal spots on your commercial refrigerator. 

Deodorizing The Refrigerating Unit

Qualified technicians highly recommend this practice.  Put a bowl of charcoal briquettes inside your commercial refrigerator for at least a week to eliminate the odor. 

For best results, replace the charcoal briquettes bowl once a week. You can also use baking soda or coffee grounds as an alternative.  

You can also invest in a product designed to eliminate the odor effectively. It is widely available in the market and sold by some commercial refrigerator manufacturers. 

Bottom Line

If after, all the effort, you can’t eliminate the odor from your commercial refrigerator, it’s time to contact Commercial Refrigeration Services provider for fast repair. 

Green Refrigeration LLC is the top service provider for Commercial Refrigeration Repairs in West Palm Beach, FL It is a team of certified professionals. 

If you are looking for a same-day response and 24/7 emergency services at competitive rates, they are a trusted company.  They also offer installation services.

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Tips for Keeping Employees Safe in Walk-In Coolers & Freezers – Palm Beach County, FL

Walk-in refrigeration is a very crucial unit of your business. Throughout the day, your employee uses its numerous times. We all are aware that a simple mistake can lead your and your employee’s life in danger. However, you can follow some simple guidelines to ensure maximum safety and keep your mind at ease. Remember, your employees are your responsibility. 

Dry Is Good

A spill can lead to the accidental fall of your employee and cause him injury. The frost and ice build-up may melt and leave puddles on the floor that can cause slippage. From time to time, ask your employee to scrape any build-up in the walk-in coolers to avoid such accidents. You can also install floor squeegees to guide excess water to drains and let the wet floor dry. It would be best if you recommend your staff to wear rubber-soled shoes to reduce slippage.

Check The Safety Releases on Door, Every Day

Modern walk-in freezers come with a safety release on the doors to prevent the risk of accidental entrapment. The temperature in the walk-in freezer may be lower than the freezing point, and if an employee is locked in the freezer, they may die from hypothermia. Daily check the safety doors to ensure that they are functioning efficiently. You can ask your employee to enter the walk-in freezer in pairs for extra caution. 

Clean The Walk-In Unit

Promote the daily cleaning of your walk-in coolers among your staff to avoid the build-up of mold and fungus on it. Regular exposure to mold can cause health issues including, sinus issues, sneezing, and coughing. Mold is harmful to your employees and inventory.

Avoid Overloading of The Shelves

Overpacked or overloaded walk-in freezers shelves affect the cooling, and they may collapse under the excess weight. There are also high chances that if the shelves malfunction or break, heavy inventory items may fall on your employee, injuring them. Each shelf in the walk-in freezer is designed to stand a specific maximum weight. You must ensure that under no condition does this weight exceeds. If you want to protect your employees, organize your shelves strategically and do not overpack them.

Provide Your Employee with Safety Apparels

Store the garments suitable for cold conditions near the walk-in unit to make them easily accessible for your staff. Provide your employees with gloves, hats, and jackets to make them comfortable and also decrease the risk of circulation problems when they are in the walk-in unit. 

Bottom Line

A walk-in freezer and cooler, when not checked daily, can cause accidents and injuries to employees. Your staff is your family, and they trust you to protect them. You can follow the above-mentioned safety guidelines to lower the risk of accidents. Moreover, if at any moment you feel that there is an issue with your walk-in unit and it requires immediate attention, contact the best and reliable walk-in freezer and coolers repair and maintenance service, provider. Green Refrigeration, LLC is one of the most trusted Walk-In Freezers & Coolers experts in Palm Beach County – From repair to installation, and maintenance to quality servicesThey will diagnose the root cause of the problem and fix the issue instantly.