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Top Considerations for Buying the Best Commercial Refrigerator – Palm Beach County

You have finally decided that it’s time to buy commercial refrigeratorsHowever, you are confused with the numerous option available in the market. Choosing the right commercial refrigerator for your business is important as it is an expensive transaction, and you expect it to function smoothly without any hassle. We bring you a guide for buying the best commercial refrigerator:

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It Should Have Recessed Handles

It may seem a minor point; however, while buying walk-in lockerspick the one with recessed handles over the barred handles. Consider the number of times your staff will open and close the fridge, and due to repeated use, barred handles are vulnerable to damage. 

The recessed door handles are incorporated in the refrigerators and don’t break easily. 

Does The Warranty Cover You?

Even the branded and Luxury Full-Size Refrigerators, after some time, requires replacement or repair of the unit. When you avail the commercial refrigeration services, ensure that you are covered under warranty for smooth service without any additional cost. While making your purchase, you should research the warranty offered by each manufacturer. Some of the reliable commercial refrigerators give up to 3 years warranty on their labor and part.

Search For Bottom Mount Condenser Unit

If you are planning to buy a commercial refrigerator worthy of your money, consider your and your staff’s requirement. For convenience, you should lookout for a refrigerator with bottom mounted condensing unit. It will make the maintenance and cleaning of the condenser unit easy and convenient. Moreover, it will also give you additional storage space on the head of the refrigerator. 

Don’t Forget About the Foam-In-Place Insulation

A refrigerator with foam-in-place insulation would do wonders for the quality and storage of food. The foam-in-place insulation means that the refrigerator insulation is sprayed from top to bottom and into the sides. It will create complete insulation of the entire unit. It will result in a more efficient refrigerator that maintains the freshness of the food for a long time.  

Invest Your Money on Stainless Steel

While buying a commercial refrigerator, remember that you get what you pay for. Remember that the material of the refrigerator plays a crucial role; thus, you must invest in one that uses stainless steel. Most of the refrigerator brands use plastic as they are cheap. However, within a couple of years, they will crumble. An aluminum refrigerator is less durable and stronger than stainless steel, and they also get scratched easily. Moreover, they are less sanitary and harder to clean. 

Bottom Line

When you visit a showroom to purchase a commercial refrigerator, you should do your research. A commercial refrigerator is an important purchase for your business, and you should avoid any mistakes. You can follow the tips mentioned above for making a wise decision. It is equally important to contact the best and reliable commercial refrigeration installers, as a single error while installing the refrigerator can result in problems in the future. Green Refrigeration LLC is a trustworthy refrigerator installer and commercial refrigeration repair service provider in Palm Beach County, Florida, and surrounding areas. 

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Green Refrigeration LLC Palm Beach County, Florida
Green Refrigeration LLC Palm Beach County, Florida
Refrigeration Services

What Do You Need to Know About Commercial Refrigeration Experts?

Every business person who owns a cooling unit needs to spend on commercial refrigerator repair at least once. It is something in which no non-professional can engage. No matter how easy an ice machine repair seems to you, you may want to call certified professionals. They possess unique skills, training, and years of experience. These attributes allow them to deal with all makes and models with expertise. 

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Who Are Commercial Refrigeration Experts?

These experts deal in commercial cooling unit installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. People often mistake them as HVAC technicians who handle heating, cooling, and ventilation units. Contrarily, mostly food-related businesses require cooling unit technicians. Premises that deal in food items, like restaurants, need their services. From refrigerated multi decks and semi-verticals to vertical freezers and plug-in cabinets, they handle it all. 

What Should You Expect from Refrigeration Contractors?

Cooling Unit Installation, Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement. 

Whoever professional you hire, make sure he can do much more than just setting up the equipment. Their mechanical skills are a must that you should always consider. They should hold in-depth knowledge about the equipment, machine components, wiring, and programs. The techie troubleshoots the unit when needed and repairs the broken parts. If an element is irreparable, they even replace it. Technology can cost a fortune when you don’t take care of it. Thus, these technicians even propose a maintenance checklist to keep your unit in sound shape. 

An Always-Ready Spirit for Technical Blueprints

They will claim they are top and trusted technicians with significant skills and training. However, they should never hesitate to look over the machine’s blueprints before getting their hands involved. Therefore, despite calling in the best refrigeration contractors, you might see them using a technical blueprint. Remember that nobody can cover every single brand, machine, and device to apply technical knowledge.  

An Urge to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

To ensure customer satisfaction, the right cooling repair company will offer high-quality service at competitive rates. Besides, the techies will also conduct routine checkups to ensure their fast response and efficiency. Everyone desires to work with somebody fun and friendly, and these professionals keep a note of that. 

Flexibility for 24/7 Emergency Services

Last but not least, you can expect round-the-clock and -week services from your cooling system experts. It allows them to meet your emergency hour’s requirements. No matter whether you want them to install the ice machine, repair a glycol chiller, or replace the walk-in freezer. They will do it all. 

Final Words

So, before you look for commercial refrigeration services in Palm Beach County, know what you can expect from the experts. It will help you choose the right tech team without splurging unnecessarily on the not-so-good services. After all, it is your hard-earned money and heavy commercial cooling unit at stake.

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Refrigeration Services

Commercial Refrigeration System Troubleshooting Tips from the Pros

If you are a food business owner in Palm Beach County, you would understand the dire need to invest in a refrigeration system. A cooling unit not only preserves the food for long, but it also appeals to your customers. And for any machine that runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it’s too much. Eventually, the unit begins to show signs of error or break down. These issues force you to call commercial refrigeration contractors that provide 24/7 emergency services.   

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Note that even a well-maintained cooling system can run into technical problems. Thus, keep yourself informed about common refrigeration problems and their solutions to avoid being startled by their sudden arrival. 

Lighting Issues Resulting in Blackout inside the Unit 

While that doesn’t seem like a big issue, it can make difficult your business operations. It affects the overall efficiency of the equipment. So, if you come across lighting breakdown issues in your restaurant’s freezer, take a look at lights yourself. If possible, try to repair the LED light or replace it yourself. For replacement, make sure the new LED is verified and approved. This check prevents you from the risk of burning out the electrical sockets. 

Compressor Break Down Due to Dirt and Grease

A compressor is responsible for keeping the refrigerator cool. However, if by any chance it stops working, you wouldn’t be able to keep stored food cool. Note that dirt, hair, grease, and more build up in this component over time, keeping it from functioning correctly. That’s one reason why it doesn’t work efficiently after some time. Also, that’s why every commercial refrigeration repair company suggests cleaning the compressor every 90 days. 

Ice Buildup Due to Improper Defrost Cycle Setup

The traditional commercial refrigeration solution for frost buildup is to have a defrost cycle set. It helps remove ice and excess condensation from inside the freezer. So, if this issue arises, you know something is wrong with your defrost cycle. The professionals first diagnose the defrost cycle and set it with a timer so that the ice melts down often. They might also indulge in necessary rewiring or repair if that doesn’t help. 

Your Cooling Equipment Stops Powering Up

Every business owner seeks the best refrigeration services in Palm Beach County when power issues arise. No food business can run efficiently without a proper cooling system in place. Therefore, when you notice your refrigeration equipment is not powering up, call the certified professionals. The experts will check the power switch, cord, wiring for the outlet, and ground wires. In any case, they will make sure to revive your investment and give you essential maintenance tips for future prevention. 

Bottom Line

Consistency is the key to avoiding commercial refrigeration breakdowns. Yet, if you face the problems mentioned above, hire only a trusted commercial refrigeration repair company that does more than just installation. Remember that the licensed technician will always provide you with high-quality and fast response service at competitive rates.

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