Mold Redemption Tips for Your Home HVAC System

Most people don’t realize every technology needs regular maintenance. Therefore, they neglect the routine checkup and keep using the heating and cooling units for long years. Eventually, these machines stop working as efficiently as they should. 

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What’s common with HVAC systems is mold buildup in the air ducts and filters. Almost everyone who owns HVAC faces this issue. And by the time they notice the error, it’s too late for a DIY. Only the best HVAC contractors in Palm Beach County can help them save this investment. Alongside doing the best they can to remove the mold, the experts also give them easy and must-follow redemption tips. 

Keep an Eye on Moisture and Humidity Level

Residences and business spaces where there is high moisture and humidity levels often experience mold buildup. Especially when your heating or cooling unit is oversized, this problem is apparent. Therefore, ask the professionals for additional dehumidification during system installation only. Also, it is a recurring issue; thus, you should never underestimate the importance of maintenance. After all, prevention is always better than cure. 

Invest in an HVAC-Approved Mold Inhibitor

Both residential and commercial HVAC systems are prone to mold; thus, you should invest in mold inhibitors. Though it cannot guarantee the complete removal and no-regrowth of the mold, it minimizes their chances of re-arrival. Hence, ask your heating and cooling experts to apply this inhibitor to all the components of the system. 

Slop and Clean the Drain Pans Regularly

Drain pans are responsible for eliminating water particles from the heating and cooling unit. However, if you fail to clean and slop them regularly, the standing water accumulates in there. It will result in mold growth due to the presence of water and microbes inside the HVAC unit. Cleaning them is an easy job that you can try yourself, following the guidance of trusted and certified professionals. 

Check and Replace the Air Filters Regularly

Did you know that even your air filters can give a home to mold spores and other contaminants? Yes, air filters also get wet and, of course, dirty over time. Due to that reason, the moisture and humidity level rises inside them. As a result, mold and mildews get space and an appropriate atmosphere to flourish. So, the next time you hire a commercial air conditioning service company, ask the experts to check the air filters. If needed, the professionals will recommend filter replacement. 

Final Words

Molds grow where they find moisture and humidity. And humidity is apparent where there is the presence of water particles. Therefore, whoever you hire for HVAC repair and maintenance, should do their best to eliminate water particles from the unit. Molds can also lead to uncertain breakdowns; thus, ensure the technician offers 24/7 emergency services, that too, at competitive rates. It is a must because you sure want your HVAC investment to provide high-quality outcomes and fast responses consistently.

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