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Strategies to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Commercial Refrigeration – South Florida

The food service industry around the globe revolves around a mandatory commercial refrigeration unit. These cooling systems ensure the success of many restaurants and other food businesses. However, after proper installation, you must do your best to maintain the system throughout its lifespan. Often, negligence to its routine maintenance can result in mold growth in the hidden parts of the unit.

Mold growth is the adverse outcome of uncleanliness and no appropriate upkeep. Ultimately, it spreads its roots inside the walk-in refrigeration or coolers to finally force you for a replacement. But, you can still prevent this greatest threat from damaging your commercial appliance. Read below the strategic guide to avoid mold growth in commercial chillers and freezers, right from the refrigeration company experts.

✔️Clean Every Part of the Cooling Unit Regularly

✔️Set the Condensation Level to a Minimum

✔️Ensure You Close the Door Properly After Every Visit

✔️Dry Up the Vegetable and Fruits Properly Before Storing

✔️Maintain the Fans, Evaporator, and Condensing Coil

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