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Commercial Refrigerator Is Leaking?

No matter how frequently you run a maintenance check to keep your commercial refrigerator functioning appropriately, it will show signs of error. And, since it is a necessity of your restaurant in South Florida, you have to spend extra hours, bucks, and efforts to keep it running. So, the truth is that your refrigeration system is going to create costly interruptions despite your efforts to escape them. Therefore, sit tight when calling experts for refrigeration unit installation and regularly watch out for faults in the refrigeration system.

➜ Perhaps, the Water Supply Lines Are Damaged.
➜ It Might Happen Due to Blocked Drain Hose.
➜ Check If the Drain Pan Doesn’t Align Right.
➜ Broken Seal of the Unit Might be the Issue.

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Buyers Guide: Ideal Size of Commercial Refrigerators

Every food business relies upon commercial refrigerators for storing eatables and keeping them fresh. But did you know how difficult it is to choose from the best refrigerators available out there? Yes, before investing in the best refrigerator brands, you need to brainstorm on several deciding factors—the reason is the evident heavy investment you make to purchase and maintain this asset.

You need to analyze the worth and performance of the different types of commercial refrigerators. Besides, knowing what capacity is enough for your business operations is also helpful. Thus, here’s a guide that will aid in finalizing an ideal size of the freezers and coolers for you. Read on!

How Much Space Is Available to Place the Unit?

How Much Space do You Need to Store the Eatables?

Which Fridge Type Do You Prefer for Your Business?

What Is Your Budget for the Final Purchase?

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Strategies to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Commercial Refrigeration – South Florida

The food service industry around the globe revolves around a mandatory commercial refrigeration unit. These cooling systems ensure the success of many restaurants and other food businesses. However, after proper installation, you must do your best to maintain the system throughout its lifespan. Often, negligence to its routine maintenance can result in mold growth in the hidden parts of the unit.

Mold growth is the adverse outcome of uncleanliness and no appropriate upkeep. Ultimately, it spreads its roots inside the walk-in refrigeration or coolers to finally force you for a replacement. But, you can still prevent this greatest threat from damaging your commercial appliance. Read below the strategic guide to avoid mold growth in commercial chillers and freezers, right from the refrigeration company experts.

✔️Clean Every Part of the Cooling Unit Regularly

✔️Set the Condensation Level to a Minimum

✔️Ensure You Close the Door Properly After Every Visit

✔️Dry Up the Vegetable and Fruits Properly Before Storing

✔️Maintain the Fans, Evaporator, and Condensing Coil

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User Manual – Avoiding Breakdown of Commercial Refrigeration, South Florida

Commercial refrigeration is a core part of the food industry around the world. It prevents eatables from damage and keeps them fresh for longer. But what if it breaks down during the peak hour of the day? The halt will affect your business adversely, leaving you with nothing for a considerable loss. Therefore, it is always better to invest in routine maintenance in South Florida rather than refrigeration repairs. With timely maintenance and proper upkeep, you can keep the freezers and chillers functioning smoothly.

Irrespective of all maintenance checks, these units often fail to deliver expected outcomes. One of the most common problems you might come across is commercial refrigeration breakdown. So, what else can you do to prevent the occurrence of such mishaps? Given below is the experts’ guide to avoiding refrigeration failure.

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Types of Commercial Refrigeration Systems You Need to Know

Commercial Refrigeration in Palm Beach County, Florida, is an ever-growing food industry need. The equipment comprises several small cold storage units, including reach-in freezers, walk-in refrigerators, ice machines, and glycol chillers. To manage these appliances, you require professional commercial refrigeration services

Among several things, what fascinates the buyers about these systems is their different types. Yes, there are many types of commercial refrigeration systems that you can choose from. Let’s dive into their details!

Absorption: Absorbs Heat to Generate Cooling Effect

These systems use refrigerants like ammonia to generate the final cooling effect. It uses heat as its energy input, usually taken from the excess steam generated during the process or from hot water. First, it condenses and evaporates the refrigerant and releases the heat into the atmosphere. During the process, the refrigerant produces a cooling effect in the evaporator. To ensure its long-term productive performance, it takes the right installation services in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and surrounding areas. 

Thermoelectric: Uses Electric Current to Cool the Unit

It is the process of pumping heat out of an insulated chamber using electricity. Herein, the cooling effect is usually the result of the electric current created through the electric circuits containing junctions of different metals. There is a thermocouple too that contains two different metals, serving a pathway for electric current. Even the top refrigeration service experts recommend this system due to the minimal commercial appliance repair services requirement in Palm Beach County, Florida, and nearby areas. 

BLOG*Tips To Getting Rid of Odor in Your Commercial Refrigerator

Evaporation: Evaporates Heat to Reduce Air Temperature

This system works on the water evaporation principle in which the hot water is evaporated to leave a cooling effect in the unit. There are water-soaked pads on which the warmer outdoor air blows. After that, the pads absorb the heat from the air, leaving it cool and chilled. This system requires adequate routine maintenance from a trusted heating and cooling company in South Florida

Mechanical-Compression: Compressing the Refrigerant Balancing the Temperature

The most used refrigeration method, mechanical compression, requires a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and an expansion valve.  The compressor draws vapor from the evaporator and compresses it before sending it to the condenser. The heat produced during this process is then transferred to a cooling medium for the final cooling effect in the unit. Since many food business people invest in this refrigeration system, you can quickly get this high-quality unit at competitive rates. 

Final Words

Commercial refrigeration is an asset worth investing in. Therefore, before turning to quality technicians for the right replacement for your existing unit, learn about the available options. This guide will help you close a deal for the system your business needs. Besides investing in the best refrigeration system, Green Refrigeration LLC recommends hiring certified techies who offer a same-day response and 24/7 emergency services (Don’t Wait, Call Us). The best unit and the experts’ fast repair service will help improve your productivity wondrously.  

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Tips To Getting Rid of Odor in Your Commercial Refrigerator

It is common for commercial freezers to acquire an unpleasant odor, especially if liquid items such as milk or leftover food are stored in them.  

The odor in the commercial display refrigerators is caused due to the build-up of bacteria and mold on organic products or food. 

Although the manufactures of walk-in coolers for sale try to minimize the odor in the unit, you can also ensure routine maintenance to avoid the same. Click here to read some of the pros tips!

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What Is The Root Of The Issue?

As per service experts, the odor is trapped inside the flooring and wall of the unit. With time the bacteria multiply, making the smell unpleasant.

If you face the situation mentioned earlier, the only solution is to clean the unit to eliminate the odor source. 

How To Clean Your Commercial Refrigerator?

Before you start cleaning this crucial equipment for the restaurant, empty all its contents. Then remove all the compartments and racks. 

You must throw expired or spoiled products. You can prepare a high-quality cleaner from household products such as vinegar, baking soda, or dishwashing detergent. 

  • You can create the best and effective refrigerator cleaner by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of white vinegar. 

Spray the mixture on the inside surface of the unit and wipe it immediately. It will help in eliminating the odor from the refrigerator.

  • If white vinegar and baking soda are unavailable, the right replacement of the solution is one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to chlorine bleach. 

Spray the solution on the surface, wait for it to dry, and then wipe it out. It will eliminate the bacteria and associated odor. 

  • Another effective commercial refrigerator cleaner is considered warm soapy water. Stay away from abrasive chemicals; they will wreak the unit’s construction over time.
  • You can also wet the refrigerator unit’s interior with a 5% bleach solution and clean it with water and soap shortly after.

Do not leave the bleach solution for too long on the interiors as it will lead to the metal spots on your commercial refrigerator. 

Deodorizing The Refrigerating Unit

Qualified technicians highly recommend this practice.  Put a bowl of charcoal briquettes inside your commercial refrigerator for at least a week to eliminate the odor. 

For best results, replace the charcoal briquettes bowl once a week. You can also use baking soda or coffee grounds as an alternative.  

You can also invest in a product designed to eliminate the odor effectively. It is widely available in the market and sold by some commercial refrigerator manufacturers. 

Bottom Line

If after, all the effort, you can’t eliminate the odor from your commercial refrigerator, it’s time to contact Commercial Refrigeration Services provider for fast repair. 

Green Refrigeration LLC is the top service provider for Commercial Refrigeration Repairs in West Palm Beach, FL It is a team of certified professionals. 

If you are looking for a same-day response and 24/7 emergency services at competitive rates, they are a trusted company.  They also offer installation services.

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Commercial Refrigeration System Troubleshooting Tips from the Pros

If you are a food business owner in Palm Beach County, you would understand the dire need to invest in a refrigeration system. A cooling unit not only preserves the food for long, but it also appeals to your customers. And for any machine that runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it’s too much. Eventually, the unit begins to show signs of error or break down. These issues force you to call commercial refrigeration contractors that provide 24/7 emergency services.   

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Note that even a well-maintained cooling system can run into technical problems. Thus, keep yourself informed about common refrigeration problems and their solutions to avoid being startled by their sudden arrival. 

Lighting Issues Resulting in Blackout inside the Unit 

While that doesn’t seem like a big issue, it can make difficult your business operations. It affects the overall efficiency of the equipment. So, if you come across lighting breakdown issues in your restaurant’s freezer, take a look at lights yourself. If possible, try to repair the LED light or replace it yourself. For replacement, make sure the new LED is verified and approved. This check prevents you from the risk of burning out the electrical sockets. 

Compressor Break Down Due to Dirt and Grease

A compressor is responsible for keeping the refrigerator cool. However, if by any chance it stops working, you wouldn’t be able to keep stored food cool. Note that dirt, hair, grease, and more build up in this component over time, keeping it from functioning correctly. That’s one reason why it doesn’t work efficiently after some time. Also, that’s why every commercial refrigeration repair company suggests cleaning the compressor every 90 days. 

Ice Buildup Due to Improper Defrost Cycle Setup

The traditional commercial refrigeration solution for frost buildup is to have a defrost cycle set. It helps remove ice and excess condensation from inside the freezer. So, if this issue arises, you know something is wrong with your defrost cycle. The professionals first diagnose the defrost cycle and set it with a timer so that the ice melts down often. They might also indulge in necessary rewiring or repair if that doesn’t help. 

Your Cooling Equipment Stops Powering Up

Every business owner seeks the best refrigeration services in Palm Beach County when power issues arise. No food business can run efficiently without a proper cooling system in place. Therefore, when you notice your refrigeration equipment is not powering up, call the certified professionals. The experts will check the power switch, cord, wiring for the outlet, and ground wires. In any case, they will make sure to revive your investment and give you essential maintenance tips for future prevention. 

Bottom Line

Consistency is the key to avoiding commercial refrigeration breakdowns. Yet, if you face the problems mentioned above, hire only a trusted commercial refrigeration repair company that does more than just installation. Remember that the licensed technician will always provide you with high-quality and fast response service at competitive rates.

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