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How Often Should Your HVAC Unit be Services?

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HVAC is pretty straightforward, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, both commercial and residential. But when it comes to its maintenance, people often get confused about where to start. Be at ease; the HVAC professionals have a perfect solution for that. They recommend you first hire trusted heating and cooling experts to service the unit and then ask for their post-service guidance and assistance. It collectively promotes the efficient functioning of heaters and air conditioners.

Now, how often you should call a professional for HVAC systems service. That’s difficult to decide because you neither want to overspend nor neglect the required preventive care. Therefore, we are here with this guide to help you know when you should call heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance experts in South Florida.

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How to Tell If Your HVAC System Is Energy-Efficient?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units play a massive role in ensuring your comfort at the office or home. But what if that comfort comes at the cost of a fortune? Yes, hardly do you realize the technology keeping you warm in the cold or vice versa is not energy efficient. Ultimately, you spend more than usual competitive rates and waste scarce energy resources. No, it’s no rocket science to understand you need the right replacement. Given below are some signs that tell whether your HVAC systems in West Palm Beach, FL, are energy-efficient or not.

Let’s Dive In…

✅ Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER Rating)

✅ Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE Rating)

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✅ Check If the Energy Bills Are Higher than Usual

✅ Frequent Unit Breakdowns and Need for Repairs

✅ Age of the System and Its Expected Lifespan

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For ensuring a high-quality HVAC unit, keep track of these signs. It’s best to check SEER/AFUE ratings regularly and all other related factors. Ultimately, your preventive measures will save you a lot without compromising quality output.

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Tips To Getting Rid of Odor in Your Commercial Refrigerator

It is common for commercial freezers to acquire an unpleasant odor, especially if liquid items such as milk or leftover food are stored in them.  

The odor in the commercial display refrigerators is caused due to the build-up of bacteria and mold on organic products or food. 

Although the manufactures of walk-in coolers for sale try to minimize the odor in the unit, you can also ensure routine maintenance to avoid the same. Click here to read some of the pros tips!

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What Is The Root Of The Issue?

As per service experts, the odor is trapped inside the flooring and wall of the unit. With time the bacteria multiply, making the smell unpleasant.

If you face the situation mentioned earlier, the only solution is to clean the unit to eliminate the odor source. 

How To Clean Your Commercial Refrigerator?

Before you start cleaning this crucial equipment for the restaurant, empty all its contents. Then remove all the compartments and racks. 

You must throw expired or spoiled products. You can prepare a high-quality cleaner from household products such as vinegar, baking soda, or dishwashing detergent. 

  • You can create the best and effective refrigerator cleaner by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of white vinegar. 

Spray the mixture on the inside surface of the unit and wipe it immediately. It will help in eliminating the odor from the refrigerator.

  • If white vinegar and baking soda are unavailable, the right replacement of the solution is one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to chlorine bleach. 

Spray the solution on the surface, wait for it to dry, and then wipe it out. It will eliminate the bacteria and associated odor. 

  • Another effective commercial refrigerator cleaner is considered warm soapy water. Stay away from abrasive chemicals; they will wreak the unit’s construction over time.
  • You can also wet the refrigerator unit’s interior with a 5% bleach solution and clean it with water and soap shortly after.

Do not leave the bleach solution for too long on the interiors as it will lead to the metal spots on your commercial refrigerator. 

Deodorizing The Refrigerating Unit

Qualified technicians highly recommend this practice.  Put a bowl of charcoal briquettes inside your commercial refrigerator for at least a week to eliminate the odor. 

For best results, replace the charcoal briquettes bowl once a week. You can also use baking soda or coffee grounds as an alternative.  

You can also invest in a product designed to eliminate the odor effectively. It is widely available in the market and sold by some commercial refrigerator manufacturers. 

Bottom Line

If after, all the effort, you can’t eliminate the odor from your commercial refrigerator, it’s time to contact Commercial Refrigeration Services provider for fast repair. 

Green Refrigeration LLC is the top service provider for Commercial Refrigeration Repairs in West Palm Beach, FL It is a team of certified professionals. 

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Signs Your HVAC System’s Duct Needs to be Replaced – Palm Beach County, FL

Most people now own residential and commercial heating and cooling systems for their comfort. However, over time, they forget that HVAC is efficient only when it distributes the air evenly throughout your home. There is a vital component, an air duct that directs the air to every room in the house. If anything goes wrong with these ducts, it’s a sign that something is wrong with them. Statistically, about 20 percent of the air loses its way to the final destination. It usually happens due to holes, leaks, or improperly connected vents. But how exactly to determine whether your HVAC ducts are working fine or not? Let’s discover!

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Check When You Purchased the Unit and the Age of Ductwork

The top heating and cooling specialist suggests you determine the correct age of the air ducts. Typically, the expected lifespan of this component is 10-15 years. It’s the period when you hardly find them showing any problem. After that, they often show signs of aging and weariness. That’s when you need to call a trusted HVAC contractor for a maintenance check and air duct replacement if required. 

You Hear Unusual Noises Coming from the HVAC

Call the experts right away if you hear some odd sounds that your heating or cooling unit might be producing. Always remember that these technologies do make sounds but not the annoying ones. The best professional first diagnose the problem and repair the component. They will also check what is causing the unit to vibrate alongside creating unpleasant noises. 

Your Room Temperature Is Either too Hot or too Cold.

If some parts of your home or office are too hot and others are too cold, turn to certified professionals. Since the main reason behind such occurrence is problematic ducts, the experts will check them first. Mainly, leaking ductworks result in inconsistent airflow from blocked or damaged vents. If you don’t want your entire system to suffer because of it, get same-day ac repair in West Palm Beach

You Smell Mold and Mildews in Your Home or Office

No HVAC services in Palm Beach County are enough until you maintain the unit. So, do your level best to keep a check on what’s going on inside the system. Often, people can smell molds and mildews, having their source inside the heating or cooling unit. They hire technicians to check, repair, and even replace air ducts where mold can flourish if needed. Note that these organisms can cause severe illness to you and deteriorate the quality of your interior. Thus, it would help if you got rid of them. 

Bottom Line

After HVAC installation, we often forget routine system checkups. As a result, the technology degrades over time to show signs of broken air ducts and more. The given signs will warn you in times when you need to hire an HVAC company immediately. Not to mention, only a trusted techie can offer high-quality, 24/7 emergency services at competitive rates. So, when looking for them, do consider these must-haves.


Signs You Need to Contact an HVAC Repair Expert

What’s the first thing you do whenever something at your home or office stops working? You, most probably, look forward to repairing it or replacing it, if needed. The same goes for HVAC systems. Your heating and cooling systems are a great medium of comfort in your life. But, when these essentials begin to give you a headache, you can only think about getting professional help. Fortunately, there are various heating and cooling specialists in Palm Beach County that offer world-class technical assistance. Whether it is installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement, they do it all.

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So, the next time you encounter any of the given signs, you know it’s time to call them.

Your Utility Bill Is Constantly Increasing

When a system is at its best, it keeps your energy bill in check. However, when it has some issues, it begins to cost you more. That is why, the moment your utility bill begins to rise, call the experts to check the system’s efficiency. Note that it should not be the case unless you make any changes in your usage.

You Hear Strange Noises Coming Out of The System

Do you hear grinding, squeaking, or squealing noises when you turn on the equipment? Chances are, your HVAC needs immediate repair. It doesn’t matter if it works appropriately; these strange noises mean it can face issues eventually. And what’s better? – Prevention or Cure? Nevertheless, certified professionals check if any component is loosened or dirty and then do what’s necessary.

You Notice Insufficient to No Airflow At All

If the unit is not producing sufficient airflow, something in the system is not working correctly. It can be anything from a broken motor to a clogged air filter. So, when you start doubting your unit’s fast response and high quality, it’s time to call the professionals. They will first try to repair the unit. But if it doesn’t help, they might make the needy installations like an energy-recovery ventilator or zoning systems.

It Fills Your Home Or Office Space with Bad Odor

Sometimes, the air coming out of the vents is musty due to the presence of mold or mildew.  The mold or mildew clogs the duct and fills your space with an unpleasant smell. Moreover, there might also be dirty cooling coils or clogged condensate that release such odors. If you also face such an issue, call a trusted HVAC repair company for 24/7 emergency services. The techs will detect the underlying problem and fix it in no time.

Bottom Line

HVAC contractors are your go-to experts for all sorts of heating and cooling problems. They provide top-quality and fast HVAC repair services for all the issues mentioned above at competitive rates. So, if you don’t want your units to die, call them right in.


How To Choose A Right Commercial HVAC Contractor in Palm Beach County, Florida?

Properly working HVAC doesn’t only save you money but also keeps your clients and employees happy. Whether a heating system during fall or A/C during summer, professionals help you keep up the technical game. However, amid so many contractors that seem perfect, how to find the best one? That puts almost every business person in a quandary. The right commercial HVAC professional is experienced, board-certified, skilled, and dedicated to his work. Aside from that, it would help if you looked out for certain things like their characteristics and tools before hiring them. Let’s dive into the details.

The Tech Team Acquires the Right Equipment

You can’t fix many heating and cooling systems with traditional tools and technologies. The older equipment is usually tried and true, which makes them affordable. However, no latest model of HVAC goes with them because technology keeps on evolving. And what worked before doesn’t work the same way anymore. So, pick your HVAC services experts in Palm Beach County, keeping that in mind.

Do They Complete the Job in the Expected Time?

Whether it is HVAC installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement, they should complete it in time. Ultimately, the completion timeline plays a vital role in your satisfaction. Those who commit to work within the assigned timeline ensure no interruption halts the project. It also helps you because you need to shut down your business operations due to a system breakdown.

Check and Analyze Their Long-Term Goals

The best HVAC company in West Palm Beach, FL, will keep its long-term goals precise. The team will offer to install, fix, or maintain your system at competitive rates. Their future federal or local energy standards will lead you to their ultimate objective. If they achieve these factors, it will save you stress and money. Moreover, only certified professionals can help you save on utility bills. 

Does The Contractor Size the System Correctly?

While searching for the top 10 commercial HVAC contractors in Palm Beach County, you often miss this factor. Remember, a trusted tech team will always measure the square footage accurately. Since it is a common mistake, you need to ensure that your team is aware of it. It is not a layman’s job because it entails usage patterns, the volume of the space, etc.

Bottom Line

While fast response and high-quality 24/7 emergency services are primary things to consider, do look out for the abovementioned factors. Altogether, these considerations will help you settle with the best contractor in the county for your commercial HVAC project.

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